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It’s so comforting. I’m thinking about all the people that complain about rainy days while I utilize them for relaxation and clear thinking. Sure, rain can alter your outdoor plans and be a menace to driving, but it comforts me. What’s not to like about hearing the rain while you doze off to sleep? My […]

Image IS Everything

I love this topic. I was raised by Mom. Enough said. Seamstress that made me wear a new dress every weekend because “they’ve already seen you in that one..” Ha! So, in non-paragraph form, some things to remember: How you look is important, even when you are alone. How you think you look is how […]

Star-Quality Inner Dialogue

From author Larry A. Thompson. My summary. Recite: * I take responsibility for my Stardom. * It’s taken me until now to believe in myself. * This is my dream and it’s worth it. * If I keep the Rage burning, I’ll make it. * This is the most exciting thing! * I’m going to […]

The Beginning

I’m reading Chris Gardner’s book Start Where You Are, and just as the last book I read, it’s giving the impression that I need to choose where my passion lies. I can’t pin point it. I dislike the word can’t, but in this case I’m using it. I’m coming to the conclusion that besides the […]

My Plan >

It’s been tough to try and decide what I want to be when “I grow up”. I turned 30 this summer and it hit me hard when I thought about what I had accomplished in 30 years. I started catering in effort to help my husband financially as I had become unemployed after our move. […]


My family in it’s natural state is a daily motivator for me. My children will remember if Mom was lazy or a go-getter, responsible or always late… etc. Today as my girls start another school year, it makes me feel as I have to start something new as well. A new morning routine, more pre-school […]


Just imagine how different your life could be if * You could feel good about yourself all of the time * You felt comfortable saying No to people * You could talk in front of people without feeling silly or nervous * You could control that negative voice in your head * You could communicate […]