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Just imagine how different your life could be if
* You could feel good about yourself all of the time
* You felt comfortable saying No to people
* You could talk in front of people without feeling silly or nervous
* You could control that negative voice in your head
* You could communicate with confidence
* You had the confidence to change careers
* You didn’t let what other people said about you get you down
* You could act, walk, and talk with assurance
* You were never afraid of failure

Above are some notes I took from Larry A. Thompson’s book Shine
In my eyes, if you can live your life this way, you ARE successful. To follow this route to shining, you must continuously practice living this way. There are no days off when it comes to determination and motivating yourself to reaching your goal-your dream come true. It can be anything, preferably small to begin with. Once you see how easy that came to you, set another goal. Only this time make it a bigger goal. Something that might have intimidated you sometime before. I am still learning about the things that make ME happy. As I try to pinpoint my true passion, I am setting small goals. These are my “practice” goals. Accomplishing them brings that fulfilling feeling that I’m craving. As the days go by, I feel like I’m gathering points in this game called LIFE. Sometimes it’s just too easy. Thinking that every outcome will be a positive really helps! It’s quiet amazing…
On that note- no matter what you are pursuing, never give up! Follow the steps above. They will help you get there.

When you get that opportunity, that once in a lifetime chance, will you be ready?




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