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It’s been tough to try and decide what I want to be when “I grow up”. I turned 30 this summer and it hit me hard when I thought about what I had accomplished in 30 years.
I started catering in effort to help my husband financially as I had become unemployed after our move. I love cooking and the feeling of people enjoying a meal that I’ve prepared. It is delicious 95% of the time. 🙂 (? Are smileys appropriate in blogging?)
So you’re assuming that that’s my dream job. Wrong. It sounds like I’m being picky and choosy. I guess I am. I want to Run; oversee something involved in the Food industry. I don’t want to stand in front of a stove all day and be stuck in a kitchen, however. Is that wrong?
I’m supposed come up with a plan. A plan on what I want to do everyday of my life that fulfills me so much, that if I didn’t get paid I would be ok with it. Only it’s not that easy to pinpoint! I want to be well known and respected for something (s) extremely positive. Soup Kitchen. Sounds like giving back to me.


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