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The Beginning


I’m reading Chris Gardner’s book Start Where You Are, and just as the last book I read, it’s giving the impression that I need to choose where my passion lies. I can’t pin point it. I dislike the word can’t, but in this case I’m using it.
I’m coming to the conclusion that besides the long list of businesses I want to start, I’m getting enjoyment out of finding what I’m good at. So, could it be that reading all of these motivational books and passing on the message is my calling? I’m starting to believe it. Maybe that is how everything will take off.
Trust me, I will later describe the ideas for business I have, but for now I’m content knowing that I am improving people’s lives. Asking them the questions that will get them thinking. People who understand what I have to say, do something about it. I’ve already been thanked for life tranformations!
Now, how do I make money while enjoying what I do?


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