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Image IS Everything


I love this topic. I was raised by Mom. Enough said. Seamstress that made me wear a new dress every weekend because “they’ve already seen you in that one..” Ha!
So, in non-paragraph form, some things to remember:
How you look is important, even when you are alone. How you think you look is how you think. Train yourself to look good. Get in the habit of looking good. Take pride in how you look. If you think you look good, get modern. Add freshness; cut your hair, color it. Don’t look less than your best. Make sure you look neat and clean. If someone knocks at your door, don’t be embarassed, be ready. Polish up. Your team members can help! Make sure you have at least 5 outfits that create the image of you going to “work”. Ask: Do I need this? Do I need that? What the heck is this?! Am I organized? Remember that less is more.
Keeping this in mind will help steer you in the path of you creating your ‘dream’ image. By dressing the part, you are becoming the part! Thank you Mr. Larry Thompson 🙂


One comment on “Image IS Everything

  1. My Angie @ a photo shoot she won at a Kid’s Contest for a Hudson Valley magazine..

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