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Breakdown Pursuit

Use the C5 Complex. (Which by the way is not) Be CLEAR on what you want to do or where you want to go. Be CONCISE. Focus your vision. Short & to the point. This is the best way to communicate. Be COMPELLING. Engage your own inner “wow factor”. You’re excited about it and others […]

Presenting: YOU!

There is nothing worse than feeling that people are indifferent to you, that they ignore you, that they don’t recognize you’re alive. It’s human nature to want to be cared about, to be known, respected and loved. There’s a certain need in people to want to be identified- to be special. That’s why you have a name. […]

Law of Attraction

    ::WISDOM OF THE DAY:: When you turn your focus onto something you really desire, many times the thing you want will begin to first show up in people’s lives around you. Instead of giving way to jealous resentment that someone else got what you wanted, realize that by doing so you are sending out […]

Describe your personality in five words or less.

Positive Loyal Understanding Inviting Sharp   Now you try! Shine.  


SUCCESS The result you get when you apply what you’ve learned in productive and practical ways. The result of tactical and strategic applications of learned knowledge toward objectives pursued with passion.  Perhaps success should no longer include any monetary reference. What if instead, we defined success in terms of the amount of peace we brought […]


  I’d like to summarize the first chapter of the book I’m reading titled TODAY MATTERS. I find that these messages, read when you are feeling discouraged, will help you dig deeper and help for a better game plan for the day or the next day. When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare. -John […]


We most likely have all had a time when we’ve NEEDED, but how often do you give? Give without expecting something in return… Read on- Thanks to for the acknowledgement-