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Who Are Your Team Players?

Your Team Players: Mentors, Professionals, Role Models, Motivators And Reality Checkers.

So, do you have any? If you are starting out on our road to success, chances are you haven’t really thought this part through. Alas! I have summarized some information that might help you in your decision.

Let’s say you have 1 or more person in mind already. Take the time and answer these TRUE or FALSE questions about them:

1. Always cheers for me when I do well

2. Does things that I no longer agree with

3. Warns me when I’m messing up in my life.

4. Tries to get me to do things that are not good for me.

5. Gives me compliments when I deserve them.

6. Supports me when things aren’t going their way.

7. Helps me prepare for things I want to accomplish.

8. Is willing to listen to my problems and concerns.

9. Makes fun of my dreams of Stardom.

10. Is a true believer in my dreams.

11. Resents the time I spend preparing for Stardom.

12. Pitches in so I can work on my goals.

13. Encourages me to push myself.

14. Is a source of positive energy.

15. Has goals that are far less ambitious than mine.

This should be a wake-up call about the people around you and how in tune they are with your dreams and how much you know about theirs!

You must learn to recognize which people in your life are holding you back and which will help you soar.

Friends who do drugs, drink excessively, party all night long and live beyond their means, are probably NOT the best influence. Instead surround yourself and appoint Mentors, Professionals, Role Models, Motivators and Reality Checkers. These are necessary on the road to you shining at WHATEVER you want to do.



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