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Dress the part from Home

After reading a Marie Claire article about ditching yoga pants for a wardrobe that meant business, it hit me. It was speaking to me! My schedule is all over the place. I’m an all-in-one woman; at home mom up @ 5:30am taking care of children, business, home and meals. Then in the evening I step […]

Avoid Everyday Dangers

Let’s stop believing that we are better than other people. There are dangers in life that we should avoid. Arrogance. Greed. Need. Lack of Common Sense. Boredom. Isolation from people telling you the truth. It important to keep your ego in check. {E dging• G od• O ut} When your EGO is controlling you, you […]


Our children are growing up beautifully! Our 9-year-old daughter= the sensitive one, always worrying and caring for others while doing excellent work in a fourth grade accelerated curriculum and being one of the newest members of the National Elementary Honor Society. Our 6-year-old daughter has the stronger character but will melt right in your arms from a […]

A Summary To Success

This is one of the most motivational and informational bullet lists you will ever read! For the truly dedicated to making changes. Our ordinary everyday efforts are really big achievements!  Stardom begins at the intersection of Humility and Egomania Make time to reach your goals Be yourself and no one else 4 Elements= Talent, Rage, […]

Makeover Your Life

In August of this year, my sister Josie came over excited to share the news of the Life Makeover Group she had just read about. This group is for members only and these members have to want change. It’s a time to state your goals and dreams and with the support from your team, watch […]

Practice- Daily Dozen

Begin to build a better life by determining to make good decisions. You need to know which decisions to make. Practice the Daily Dozen, (John C. Maxwell) critical areas for success: 1. ATTITUDE-Choose and display the right attitudes daily. 2. PRIORITIES-Determine and act on important priorities daily. 3. HEALTH-Know and follow healthy guidelines daily. 4. […]

Positive Communication

Affinity is the ability to enter someone else’s world and make them feel that you understand them, that you have a strong common bond. It is the essence of successful communication. When we meet people who we want to befriend, love, influence, sell or recruit as part of our team, we need to create an […]