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It has come to my attention that some people continue to see the glass half empty. I feel it is my duty to continue on this mission to help with that. If you go away with 2 or 3 things from Larry’s list, I will be content.

Wishing for someone else to fail.
Forgetting about God.
Denying pain.
Leaving a job undone.
Comparing yourself to someone else.
Failing to return someone’s call.
Dismissing your hunch.
Believing your ugly.
Having bad breath.
Thinking you are alone.
Expecting anything free.
Blowing your nose in a napkin while eating.
Doubting your ability.
Giving up or giving in.
Being rude.
Forgetting the less fortunate.
Underestimating your competitor’s abilities.
Saying no to anyone who wants to help.
Pressing your luck when it’s bad.
Having dirty fingernails.
Expecting too much.
Giving too little.
Saying yes when you mean no.
Not facing your fears.
Not singing along in church.
(Are you still there? 🙂
Refusing to work late with your boss.
Not grieving a loss.
Wasting time or someone else’s..
Leaving home without “it”.
Not staying in touch with family & friends.
Saying “I can’t”.
Disrespecting parents.
Putting someone or yourself down.
Feeling sorry for yourself.
Leaving home without looking your best.
Talking like you know everything.
Worshiping any person or thing.
Sweating the small stuff.
Not getting enough rest.
Being unappreciative.
Not being there for a friend.
Being indecisive.
Following the pack.
Being lazy.
Not sharing the load.
Trusting just anybody.
Not listening to a child.
Taking no action.
Getting too full of yourself.
Hogging the spotlight.
Shaming someone.
Believing you can do it alone.
Feeling guilty.
Being unprepared.
Not believing.
Taking too many shortcuts.
Holding a grudge.
Not laughing.
Never saying “I love you”.
Doing anything half-assed.
Taking anything for granted.
Having regrets that outnumber your dreams.


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