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5 Steps To Stardom

Besides having a great team by your side, (behind you and all around you) these five steps will help clearly guide you to shine:

1. Decide exactly what you want (Select specific, realistic and achievable goals.)

Step 1: My goal for Stardom is to:

2. Decide the exact date for achieving goal (Say an exact date.)

Step 2: I will achieve Stardom by the following date:

3. What actions and sacrifices will be required? (This is your map.)

Step 3: My plan to achieve Stardom is:

4. Act as if you already have what you want. (This will be fun.)

Step 4: What talents do I have to help me achieve Stardom?
  • List of my special qualities:
  • List of my special accomplishments:

5. Be prepared to modify your plan. (If something isn’t working, don’t quit, change the plan.)

Step 5: How much rage do I have?

So, how much work do you have ahead of you? Who are your teammates that will help? Keep me posted with your progress!

From: Shine! By: Larry A. Thompson


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