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Makeover Your Life


In August of this year, my sister Josie came over excited to share the news of the Life Makeover Group she had just read about. This group is for members only and these members have to want change. It’s a time to state your goals and dreams and with the support from your team, watch them unfold. The group should meet for at least 3 months.

-Start meeting by sharing your success and accomplishments. What did you learn about yourself? What action steps have you taken? Give each person time to brag!
-Decide on actions you’ll each take before your next meeting.
-Ask for help, like a check-in phone call, special resource or a helping hand.
-Celebrate your success! Don’t wait, acknowledge your progress.

Members must demonstrate commitment and commit to confidentiality. The group shouldn’t be critical and should share facilitation. In this group we use the word “I” not “you” when speaking.

Since our first CLUB SHINE meeting in the summer, I’m proud to say that Josie has taken action on her pursuit of happiness by enrolling and starting her education to become a Stylist. In her spare time she looks for opportunities to work behind the scenes helping out with independent films. Stay tuned and follow Josie’s rise to stardom!


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