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Our children are growing up beautifully! Our 9-year-old daughter= the sensitive one, always worrying and caring for others while doing excellent work in a fourth grade accelerated curriculum and being one of the newest members of the National Elementary Honor Society. Our 6-year-old daughter has the stronger character but will melt right in your arms from a big hug. Also excelling in a first grade accelerated curriculum with the neatest handwriting ever, this girl can eat and dance her bum off. Our 3-year-old boy keeps us extremely busy. If you have or have had a toddler around, you already know what I mean. Active. Too smart, charming and ACTIVE.

These are the little people we live with that are looking up to us, watching our every move. Is it safe to say that we sometimes remember the little ‘bad’ things more than the ‘good’ ones when it comes to memories? Well, we’re trying to switch that around no matter what it takes!  Children will grow to be fine young adults if we continue demonstrating positive influences in our home and watching our surroundings. It is so important as parents and leaders to give a positive example for our young future. They project what they grab from home or where they are cared for and give that attitude back to the world.

This is not just for parents. We are being watched daily, by acquaintances all around us. The person watching you can even be older than you but at the same time can be ‘looking up to you’. It can be a sibling that doesn’t always express admiration or someone who started out observing you just to criticize and had their eyes opened about a new view on things. Whoever it is, why not give them the BEST OF YOU on a daily basis? A simple smile can make someone’s day.

Remember the impressions your childhood left on you. Let’s make everyday loving, positive and memorable for our future!



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