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Dress the part from Home

After reading a Marie Claire article about ditching yoga pants for a wardrobe that meant business, it hit me. It was speaking to me!

My schedule is all over the place. I’m an all-in-one woman; at home mom up @ 5:30am taking care of children, business, home and meals. Then in the evening I step out to work when most of you are cozy just getting home. So, why get dressed for success first thing in the morn?

You have to act like what you want. Play that role. Some don’t have work and stay home in pajamas. Step out in pajamas. Uggh! You will feel embarassed next time you bump into your well-dressed acquaintance. No more.

Here, some tips on waking and dressing for success (from home!) :

STOP THINKING SO LONG ABOUT WHAT TO WEAR~Your closet should be about fast, easy choices. If you haven’t worn in the last 6 months (or 1 year due to season changes), get rid of it! Stock your closet with classics that are never out of season, like a designer trenchcoat. Wear an outfit that makes it easy to run errands and soon after meet business partners.

STAND OUT PROFESSIONALLY~Nothing screams amateur like showing up to a meeting in leggings while everyone else is in a suit.

DE-BAG~Collection inexpensive handbags for every collection=Not. Instead spend that money on an all-weather, all-occasion designer bag.

BLACKBERRY ON YOUR OWN TIME~Keep a notebook and pen in your bag. It’s far more functional than rummaging through your bag for your phone and fiddling with it just to punch in a phone number or email address! 

Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Blessings!


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