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Rising Star- Angie M.

I think that the younger you start to shine, the better. I have to tell you about Angie and what a successful school year she has had. Her teacher called me yesterday so we can catch up and all she had were good things to say. What really stayed with me all day was her […]

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NOW is a good time to GIVE

I read this article yesterday and it really got to me. Read it. It suggests that someone we know is barely making it here in the United States, and you might not even know it. This person or family can be living a perfectly normal life with a car, home and a nice wardrobe. […]

Your Attitude & Success

Your attitude will determine how much you enjoy your success. Your attitude at the beginning of a task affects it’s outcome more than anything else. For example, Sigmund Freud was hailed as a groundbreaking genius, but was a miserable depressed man. This shows that your attitude, not your achievements, give you happiness. Your attitude towards […]

Relationships, Dreams & Money

Marriage can be tough when the couple starts really getting into details when discussing finances and future goals. One may be interested in continuing their education, the other too concerned with the care of their children and their home. Ages and the economy will play a major factor in these decisions. Compromise is due. The […]

+ Vocabulary

Eliminate these words: I can’t.. If only.. I don’t think.. I don’t have the time.. Maybe.. I’m afraid.. I don’t believe.. Say these words instead: I can. I will. I know. I will make the time. Absolutely. I’m confident. I’m sure. If you commit, you will definitely see positive changes take place…

That Pusher

Today, think about potential events or feelings in your life, both good and bad, that can be put to positive use to motivate you and deepen your commitment to the full expression of your talents. Send me some of your examples. Blessings…