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Handle Stress Effectively

Answer these questions produced by United Kingdom based National Association for Mental Health to check whether stress is becoming a problem in your life:

~Do minor problems and dissapointments bother you more than they should?

~Are you finding it hard to get along with people (and them with you)?

~Have you found that you’re not getting a kick out of things you enjoy?

~Do your anxieties haunt you?

~Are you afraid of situations or people that didn’t bother you before?

~Have you become suspicious of people, even your friends?

~Do you ever feel that you are trapped?

~Do you feel inadequate?

If you answered YES to most or all of these questions, then stress is a problem for you. John C. Maxwell describes how you can handle your stress. For family problems use communications, unconditional love and spend time together. When you have limited options, use creative thinking and take advice from others.

Don’t put off dealing with potential pressure situations. Address problems with people as quickly as possible, which reduces chances of being stressed out!


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