Relationships, Dreams & Money


Marriage can be tough when the couple starts really getting into details when discussing finances and future goals. One may be interested in continuing their education, the other too concerned with the care of their children and their home. Ages and the economy will play a major factor in these decisions. Compromise is due.
The ambition factor: what you and your mate want to achieve in life, how hard you are willing to work and what sacrificies you are willing to make to get there.
If you have mismatching ambition factors, chances are you’re heading towards FightsVille!
My husband and I hold a business relationship as well. Firsthand, I can tell you that communication is Numero Uno. I’m not going to lie and say we agree on everything, because we don’t. We do, however, speak about our goals, dreams and the needs of our family-making time for it all. Blessed are we, for we actual share interests/dreams and have fun with whatever we do!
Suggestions: Support each other by really listening, not being afraid to express yourself and be accepting to criticizm/suggestions. Please also be mature, avoid jealousy!
Working hard TOGETHER towards common goals= another recipe towards SUCCESS!


2 comments on “Relationships, Dreams & Money

  1. VERY well written Arlette! I’m very happy for you and my brother. He is a very lucky man and I hope he’s appreciating every love and effort you put in the relationship. Don’t change. You’re a very smart and beautiful woman. God Bless you guys!

    Love Always,
    sis-in-law Ruriels Medina ๐Ÿ™‚

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