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NOW is a good time to GIVE

I read this article yesterday and it really got to me.


Read it.

It suggests that someone we know is barely making it here in the United States, and you might not even know it. This person or family can be living a perfectly normal life with a car, home and a nice wardrobe.
What we don’t think about is how losing a job, having another child or being submerged in debt can change your economic status from one day to the next.
We can help one another by not being prideful and being honest with our close friends and family. You might have something available that can help someone drastically. This will make you feel extremely good about yourself, no need to brag about it. The person on the other end will most likely be forever grateful.
Please don’t judge people, don’t criticize! You never know when you will be in a tight situation. These happenings don’t look at race or color. Citizens are being affected by our government’s decisions and the economy we live in.
‘Tis the season for giving, but let’s stretch it out some more. Let’s always be giving, as a good giver in return will be a good receiver! When you think of these holidays and giving, look past the ‘material’ and really give to make a difference in someone’s life! I believe that if you really want make your situation better, you will do it. Determination is key. Temporary help may be necessary, but in the end we all win and live in a more peaceful world.

Take a moment and think about your immediate circle.

Be the Blessing!


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