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Rising Star- Angie M.

I think that the younger you start to shine, the better.

I have to tell you about Angie and what a successful school year she has had.

Her teacher called me yesterday so we can catch up and all she had were good things to say. What really stayed with me all day was her immediate question to me: ‘I have to ask you; What are you doing at home for her to be such a great student?’

Mind blower. Parents might agree with me that when a teacher starts a line off with anything sounding like ‘What’s going on at home?…’ you immediately think- oh &*^%, what have they been talking about in school?!

I wasn’t worried though. My conscious clear, she went on to say, “Your family is the perfect example of what all families should be doing at home.” Success! Who doesn’t want to hear that?! Hi-Five Dad! We’re doing a great job! Brought a tear to my eye. Our Angie is a role model student.

Her family, father and I are extremely proud of her for recently winning 2nd place honors in a school-wide writing contest. She continuously brings home above-average grades and is very dedicated to her school work. Angie loves to narrate, dance, cook & eat. 🙂 You can view her on YOUTUBE: KIDZKITCHENTUBE. She is definitely on her way to great achievements.


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