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Is Facebook Making You Sad?

[ I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. That obviously is not the intention! 🙂 ]

Aww. I honestly think we have some LIFE REVIEWING to do if this is true for you!

Make sure you review what makes YOU count in the lives of the people who matter, not the ones that pay absolutely no attention to you, or never acknowledge you.

Suggestion: Do yourself a favor. Stop snooping around your “Friend’s” Page without the intention of interacting for a positive reason. I admit, I have “Friend’s” I don’t know on my Friends List. I was adding people with similar interests. I will correct that ASAP 🙂

(Reminder to self: “Clean Up FB Account!)

Also, if you find that a friend’s status updates are annoying, repetitive or straight miserable.. Cut the cord! No one is forcing you to socialize with a negative person! Or to someone not to your liking. Believe me, you will not die if someone does not accept your friend request or “un-friends” you. This will clearly help you see who really is on your team!

Something I want to add is: NOT the whole world revolves their day/life around Facebook! They simply don’t log on! Don’t get suicidal if you don’t receive a response the very next second. Find another method of contacting your friend.

Just a little Friday thought for the weekend… I could go on about this topic, but hope I don’t have to!

Read this article which has information on the study conducted on this topic:


Love Always!

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