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Bullying Has To STOP! Start At Home…

It is such a sad thing to hear of someone taking their life. It is an urgent reminder when a 14 year old takes her life during No-Name Calling Week and signs lead to bullying being the cause.

Bullying has to stop and I believe that we as parents are the ones that must teach the future that it is not ok to name-call and bully. There is going to be a phone call between you and a teacher one day and if you are receiving notice of your child being the bully, you have to really address it. Don’t ignore it! Have a warm heart. As a parent it is your duty to soften your child’s heart, control your child and promote peace within your home. Live it, don’t just preach it. Our children watch us. Watch what type of conversations are held in front of your children and what examples you are giving. If you are at peace with everyone, so will they.

Think about the parents of that young lady. If you are not a parent, think back to your childhood. Today, remind your children that you are there for them no matter what. Remind them not to keep secrets from you and to keep healthy relationships. No incident is too small to be mentioned!

Let’s promote high self-esteem and peace. Tell someone to count on you and mean it.

For more info go to No Name Calling and see how you can help.


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