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Things I Read Somewhere…

I always find quotes or tweets I like and would like to share them. Some of them apply to my day, some of them don’t. But they might apply to yours! Go and SHINE. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. Every day give yourself a mental […]

More Resources 2

continuation of previous post with reference to what you can use as you START WHERE YOU ARE, to get you where you want to be… Confidence- appreciating core strengths that are learned or part of who we are. Transferrable Skills- can be transformational. Resilience- ups + downs- how we connect to the resource and put it to […]

Key Lines

from START WHERE YOU ARE: *God’s in the details- Reverence- there is no one right or wrong way to honor God’s handiwork as long as you don’t ignore it. *Passing the torch Raising the bar- Growth- We are predisposed to pursue growth and fulfillment for ourselves and our loved ones. The most empowering, transformational lesson you can learn […]

Rising Star- Alizabeth M.

Now I must boast about my daughter Lizzy.  Oh boy, is she growing up too fast! She is one to keep us proud. She is now in a fourth grade accelerated class, doing the big fifth-grader work. Because of her excellent grades, she was recently inducted into the National Elementary Honor Society. Shortly after she was elected […]


Well, just to show progress… a- I received a check in the mail over the weekend as a deposit for a very large order with my business. b- Today I received another order for Easter 🙂 Excited! LET’S TALK COMIDA

Married With Children

My day started off again with a feeling of guilt. Feeling like the un-perfect wife and mom. Then I began to shake it off by feeling grateful for that I woke up to, easing that heavy negative feeling away. It’s a challenge not to dissapear as you are consumed by your surroundings, specifically by the […]

Word of The Day

HOKUM [HOE-kahm] 1. something that appears to be true or credible but is actually untrue or insincere; bunk; nonsense: “The salesman tried to feed us a load of hokum, but my daughter saw right through it.”