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Key Lines


*God’s in the details- Reverence- there is no one right or wrong way to honor God’s handiwork as long as you don’t ignore it.

*Passing the torch Raising the bar- Growth- We are predisposed to pursue growth and fulfillment for ourselves and our loved ones. The most empowering, transformational lesson you can learn about growth is the one you learn next. Growth and happYness are yours to create.

*The Good Old Everyday- Pursuit without resulting happYness is the epitome of living interruptus. Everyday world lets our hearts teach us how to savor what we’ve pursued all along.

*Don’t postpone Joy- Appreciation- Do something for yourself today that you’ve putting off. Let the everyday surprise you with a lesson you didn’t even pursue. Appreciation may be the opportunity to pursue happYness or of the memory of your happYest day.

*Claim ownership of your dreams- Responsibility- the freedom to choose the pursuit of happYness and to dream, dare and do brings with it the responsibility, not the right or the privilege to do so.

Accepting responsibility is accepting that your dreams really can come true.

Chris Gardner uses the Y in happyness on purpose 🙂


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