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A Great Adventure

Last week Joone and I played like kiddies taking a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure

in New Jersey. I loved all the thrill of the rides and couldn’t stand waiting on line.

Sis and I

Mr. and Mrs. waiting in line..

We think it’s Danny Glover! He looked so tired…

On this ride you stand and get locked in. The drop is crazy. [GREEN LANTERN]

This ride has a nice steep drop and is pretty long! [EL TORO]

Wow. Over 100 miles and hour when it shoots you up! Look at how high we went! I don’t know how they do it.. [KINGDAKA]

Totally kid-friendly. It was new, so we went on it. It’s a train ride/coater ride that jerks you around. [THE DARK KNIGHT]

I underestimated this ride. I had been on it before and thought it was weak. It got me. Nice flips. [SUPERMAN] 

Your feet dangle on this ride. I’ve always liked it. [BATMAN]

Another family friendly ride. I think we put our shades on to ride it in the dark. [SKULL MOUNTAIN]

I think at the end of the day, this ride is still my favorite. The drop + nothing holding you from the waist up?! Ahhhh! (that’s me screaming) 🙂 [NITRO]

Previously that week, we took our kids to the local fair. They have to start getting used to these thrill rides as well!

…and they came home with this!

Leave a comment if you liked it since it took like forever to complete this post… 🙂


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