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Change Starts Today

First of all I want to thank all of my followers. You put a smile on my face daily. 🙂

I want to let you ALL know that while I was taking a walk today, I had (as Oprah would say) an A-HA moment and have decided to join, combine and link a few of my blogs and social network profiles to save some time. It won’t be a major change, you’ll just start receiving some pics of FOOD and (who doesn’t love it?) I won’t bore you! You’ll just be able to follow me a little closer. (Tell me how I’m doing!)

It is exactly 60 days until my birthday so I’m starting a workout countdown today and will not turn back! That’s why I’m cutting back my internet use. I will keep you posted of my daily progress of my mission to complete the INSANITY workout with Shaun T and the crew. I truly hope you will join me on a 60 day countdown to ANYTHING you want to accomplish! That would be fun. Then we can celebrate together on JUNE 19th!

Help me – GROW WITH ME!

Avena for a chilly day


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