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You Are Who You…

..surround yourself with? Yes. I think so. It is absolutely a better choice to hang with people who have a positive character and have positive traits. You are going to attract this energy, which is good for you as the same goes for people with negative energy. You’ll attract it. Try to steer away from […]

En Mi Cocina- Hummus & Chips

My girls find it very easy to whip up a bit of hummus to have as snack:     Try it and enjoy!  

Mami’s Day Weekend

 It’s a habit of ours to just celebrate life even if there is no upcoming national holiday, so you can imagine how happy we are when there actually is one going on! We started celebrating Mother’s Day weekend since Friday evening and I enjoyed every bit! I definitely looked forward to and enjoyed myself this […]

En Mi Cocina- Empanadas

These are ALWAYS my best-sellers! BEEF EMPANADAS with and without CHEESE. Mmmmm… Dishplays! Dishplays!

Up Early

  It’s been dreadfully gray around these ways lately. Enough to just make you want to stay in bed and not face the world… You can’t do that! You have to grab everything inside of you and start counting all the small blessings (and BIG ones) all around you. Start from the fact that you are […]

Think Happy Thoughts

Today’s message from THE SECRET suits me well and I hope does for you as well: Watch how you manifest the small things in life and think about how you felt inside with those things. Think about how easily they came. You will find that you thought of a small thing once and never thought […]

Me Time

Some of you have written about making sure we all remember to set aside some “ME” time, and so I did a little bit of that today. The highlight may not be interesting to all, but it may prompt you to do the same, either today or this week some time. Feet. I have been […]