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Me Time

Some of you have written about making sure we all remember to set aside some “ME” time, and so I did a little bit of that today. The highlight may not be interesting to all, but it may prompt you to do the same, either today or this week some time.


I have been meaning to get my feet done (pedicure) at the salon, but to save some dollars and since I have the time.. I decided to look up some DIY foot soaks and scrubs. Here’s a few links I browsed through and used towards my project:


(Thank God for the internet once again!)

I prepared a Foot Soak using what I could find which was Epsom Salt,  Baking Soda and some drops of this:

I poured a tiny capful into warm water for Foot Soak..

 Soaked for 15 minutes.(They say anything over 30 minutes is not good and just adds to the dryness.) Then, rubbed and scrubbed with this:

my Olive Oil and Table Salt homemade Foot Scrub. The easiest!

 Ta-Da! My feet feel fantastic now!

my short toes!


nice and soft...

Now I get to try this on my husband! I’m sure he’ll appreciate it 😉

Lots more to do today! Hasta luego…


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