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You Are Who You…

..surround yourself with? Yes. I think so. It is absolutely a better choice to hang with people who have a positive character and have positive traits. You are going to attract this energy, which is good for you as the same goes for people with negative energy. You’ll attract it. Try to steer away from people who constantly complain and do nothing about their situation. People who are miserable, claim to be helpless or are just ungrateful and full of greed. Think about it now, have they always been this way? Chances are they have been and you are not realizing it until now. Some people will never change into an admirable positive person because they are in denial. They don’t look in the mirror and see how the world views their actions. I am all for not caring about what people think of you, but there is also unspoken rules of common sense and fairness.

You can’t play both sides. Stick to the positive.

Think: Would I want this done to me? How would I react?

It’s time to meet new people. That doesn’t mean you have to make them your best friends. Distance is actually better, I’ve learned. That way you miss each other or simply don’t become a nuisance. The more time (or years) you spend learning about a person, the more you will find that you don’t agree with. Take it slow, and remember you might become who you’re with.



One comment on “You Are Who You…

  1. I agree with you. If you surround yourself with negative people all it serves is to bring you down. There is a difference between people going through hardships of course, but sometimes negative people have always been that way, same for positive, happy people.
    I try to put on a happy face even when I just don’t feel like it, because I don’t want to spoil someone else’s happy day and then maybe it might rub off and cheer me up too! 🙂

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