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Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Good Morning!

On my mind…

A lady told me something one day and I never forgot it. She was a babysitter to my children at the time. Obviously, she was home for the most part of her LIFE, watching children. She worked from very early morning until late at night (sometimes overnight :)) and on weekends as well. She didn’t drive, so her own children drove her around. She didn’t live in the best neighborhood so I guess the appearance of the outside of her home was supposed to match the inside of her home? The inside of her mind? No. The few times that she did go out she was well dressed and well groomed and that made people talk. How can she live here and look like that? Dress like that? They expected her to look a certain way and that’s not how she was. She was a humble woman with style.

Again, what she was saying to me stuck with me. So, during my ups and downs I always remember to use whatever life throws at me to the max. I have officially named myself!

Queen of Work With What You Have

You don’t need to have money in the bank to live a certain way. Lead a certain life. Photographs that depict happiness are probably shared to show just that: happiness. It’s not necessarily bragging or directed at anyone in particular. We share photographs to share the happiness in our lives. Simple. If it bothers you… you have a choice!

Don’t think that everything involved in a photograph is showing you a dollar sign.

The best things in life are FREE.

Envious people will find a way to criticize and judge no matter what. ASSume.

Take a step back. Hold your tongue. Say a prayer. Watch what you think and say!


Just putting it out there. 🙂

Have a Fun Friday!



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