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Dating While Married

Daily Dates- acts of love and appreciation we show for each other every day. A hug in the morning. A passionate kiss in the afternoon. A note tucked in a briefcase. A phone call in the middle of the day. A lipstick message written on the bathroom mirror. Kitchen Time. These daily dates are essential to a healthy marriage. They take nothing more than effort and thoughtfulness, yet their benefit is invaluable.

Weekly or Biweekly Dates- planned, without children. Purposeful times spent together. Several hours alone, these dates help us focus on each other without the distraction of being a hands-on parent at the same time. They give us time to talk, share, strategize, dream, and plan for the future. They give us much needed eye-to-eye communication. Examples of such can be; a picnic at a park, a drive in the country, or asking a friend to watch your children so you can enjoy a homemade meal in your own home. (These dates don’t have to cost money.) Have fun thinking of inexpensive dates you and your spouse can enjoy! Remember that a movie theater date is a good idea, but doesn’t give much room for communication. Try to include dinner or dessert in your plans to allow time for it.

Annual Dates- the getaways every marriage needs! These overnights are designed to keep the romance in the relationship. They help us recall the very things that attracted us to one another in the first place. Annual dates can be anything from one night alone in a local hotel to a weeklong vacation for just the two of you.

Of course, there are challenges that come with dating. Scheduling, financial and childcare challenges are sure to arise. If you can think through those challenges ahead of time, you are on your way to incorporate dates your marriage relationship!

We cannot wait until children leave home to invest in our marriages. We have to do it now. If not, we’ll wake up next to our spouses one day and ask, “who are you?” By investing now we prevent bankruptcy later.

Happy Dating πŸ™‚


One comment on “Dating While Married

  1. So this is the secret…. Ha! I love it. You two have a great relationship! πŸ™‚

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