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Jade Garden- LizAnGewelry

My girls have started making jewelry at home and it’s so fun! Here is a set they call Jade Garden which I think is beautiful. So far they have made Jool Sandals and Trinketsto match. Check out their website and place your order! LizAnGewelry Advertisements

Cafe con Leche & Book

I’m on the verge of writing out our story.. Stay tuned. You won’t know it’s me. I love the idea of a Pen Name. I’m thinking of a short sweet story. I don’t want to include much of the unfortunate events, even though they always play a part in the triumph afterwards.. Excited.


I wish I had a lift at home and could fix my own car.. I also wish I had that little computer they hook up to it so I know what’s wrong and what to fix 🙂 One day we’ll sell this vehicle and replace it with two smaller ones. One day soon. In God’s […]


Orange and Green Halloween

Halloween Snack for the Pre K students in Juju’s class.. Chicken Breast on crackers with celery and olives. My kiddies for Halloween: Trick or Treating in Miami:

12 years of Roses

I’m still getting roses from my boyfriend that I married. I met him for the first time 12 years ago yesterday.. We had no idea we were meant to be together forever..

Friday Nights

With Three Kids its hard to step out freely on Friday night. Or any night. Alone. So this is what my night looked like. It was fun!! Just Dance on the Wii, Pinot in the glass and homemade empanadas. The best. No drinking and driving involved. Knock out when you want. Grow With Me.