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LizAnGewelry Visit the website! My girls are getting busy 🙂

Wake Up. Find Yourself.

I’ve experienced a form of mini-evolution within myself..

Grow & Learn

You Can’t Undo Your Past

Once you find a personally compelling answer to the question WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME? for the first time your attention is taken off the past (that you can’t control) and focused on your future, which you have some control over. Grow With Me..


I decided long ago that I like helping people and will continue to do so until my last days. Helping (to me) means even a small thing such as listening and letting people “let it out”. It doesn’t always mean that I’ll have the answer, but I will think about you. I will pray that […]


Have you ever noticed that people tend to act differently around those they think can do something for them —people who appear to have status, wealth or influence in life? I believe that the way we treat people is a test. At times, God will bring people across your path that may seem insignificant. They […]

Thanksgiving 2012

          My baby’s turkey from school              At our family’s new home             while getting dinner ready!                     Some of the food..                       Cousins dancing                     Playing Dominoes           Roller Skating for Liz’s Bday                          Good Times.