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#0425 Eating Toast and Toastmasters


Last night I attended a Toastmasters meeting in West Kendall. Club members took care of me as their most welcomed guest. I was impressed with the quality of speeches by some and age + determination from others. I look forward to becoming a life long member and will also bring my family along one by one! It is definitely a worthwhile investment when the benefit is building your confidence, leadership skills, oral communication and overcoming any fear of speaking before peers. So excited.


My breakfast this morn. Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea (no sugar), 1/2 grapefruit, whole wheat toast with Natural Peanut Butter. I have to force myself to eat this much first thing. I’m good with a coffee! I recently lost 20 lbs. and I’m working at staying at my current weight. I’ll keep posting what I eat and you can try following the same. First, get rid of your white products please! White flour, rice, bread, potatoes & white sugar! Try having truvia or no sugar at all with your hot drinks. Check out Dishplays or Dishplays on Facebook to see more dish ideas.

Let me know what you think!

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