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I’m At Peace

I’ve come to a peaceful time in my life where I finally believe that I am not here to live for pleasing people in this world, but to please The Lord.

It is such a freedom! Everything is crystal clear- sometimes not such an easy way to live. Your choices (good vs bad) get easier to make, but temptation can be a killer!
What’s refreshing about it is letting go of the materialistic monster we have inside of us. Yes, I still want to go visit nice places and get the best quality of things. I just don’t need. I don’t have a need for anything.
God has allowed me to live through many different situations which brought forth lessons that I now appreciate. I thank my Lord for those times! I appreciate my today so so so much more. Little things are enough. Normal is pleasant, which makes nice super special.

One thing that is getting hard to do is to find people that are on the spiritual level I’m on. No, not like that. 🙂 I mean, there are people that have already experienced this awakening and are way past me. Acting on it and actively serving The Lord. There are others that have yet to get here. (Hurry up! It’s great! You’re gonna love it!) Like I heard a Pastor say recently, it’s like being high-not off of a drug but off of a person. Being high off of Jesus.

I drink water. I stopped smoking cigarettes. Wild partying is a thing of the past in our lives. These are all things that used to define me. Things that might come to mind if you mentioned my name to a familiar face.
Now I’m moving forward to share this great feeling with all those willing to receive it. The Word of God.

It it is really simple to understand and easy to live a simple life. You have to start by letting go and letting God take control. He has such wonders to show you! Things only you and God know about. 😉 First, Faith. Don’t believe because you see. Blind Faith is what you need. I was spoken to many years ago and completely rejected it. Said it wasn’t for me, when I felt it was time I would reach out to him. Too late. He passed away and it hurts tremendously that he is not here with us to share this marvelous feeling that he longed to share with us! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Please, share with me. What level you are on (in anything, not just spiritual)?


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