Cleaning house

Lately we’ve been working hard at transforming our try=our eating. My girls will help me go through the list of before/after foods we’ve changed. Cow’s Milk became Soy Milk became ALMOND MILK. We wonder how we drank it all of our lives. I’m so glad I don’t have to make the decision of breast feeding […]

How I lost it – The Shopping List

I lost 20 pounds in two months. I used HCG Drops for a total of 3 weeks (which I think is less than you are supposed to) since I realized I could lose weight just by changing what I normally ate, to what they “allowed”.   Here is what I ate strictly for 2 months…  Shopping List: BREAD […]

#0425 Eating Toast and Toastmasters

Last night I attended a Toastmasters meeting in West Kendall. Club members took care of me as their most welcomed guest. I was impressed with the quality of speeches by some and age + determination from others. I look forward to becoming a life long member and will also bring my family along one by […]

Sweetening Without Sugar? | The Sweet Beet Excellent read since starting hcg diet! Thank you!

Thanksgiving 2012

          My baby’s turkey from school              At our family’s new home             while getting dinner ready!                     Some of the food..                       Cousins dancing                     Playing Dominoes           Roller Skating for Liz’s Bday                          Good Times.


Orange and Green Halloween

Halloween Snack for the Pre K students in Juju’s class.. Chicken Breast on crackers with celery and olives. My kiddies for Halloween: Trick or Treating in Miami: