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Cleaning house

Lately we’ve been working hard at transforming our try=our eating. My girls will help me go through the list of before/after foods we’ve changed. Cow’s Milk became Soy Milk became ALMOND MILK. We wonder how we drank it all of our lives. I’m so glad I don’t have to make the decision of breast feeding […]


I decided long ago that I like helping people and will continue to do so until my last days. Helping (to me) means even a small thing such as listening and letting people “let it out”. It doesn’t always mean that I’ll have the answer, but I will think about you. I will pray that […]

Thanksgiving 2012

          My baby’s turkey from school              At our family’s new home             while getting dinner ready!                     Some of the food..                       Cousins dancing                     Playing Dominoes           Roller Skating for Liz’s Bday                          Good Times.


I wish I had a lift at home and could fix my own car.. I also wish I had that little computer they hook up to it so I know what’s wrong and what to fix 🙂 One day we’ll sell this vehicle and replace it with two smaller ones. One day soon. In God’s […]

Friday Nights

With Three Kids its hard to step out freely on Friday night. Or any night. Alone. So this is what my night looked like. It was fun!! Just Dance on the Wii, Pinot in the glass and homemade empanadas. The best. No drinking and driving involved. Knock out when you want. Grow With Me.

Breakfast at IHOP

For the kiddies. In Miami. A first for us. 🙂

In the Oven-Chicken w White & Sweet Potatoes

Had leftover potatoes for days. Chopped them up and cooked them with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Waste not. Dishplays