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I’m At Peace

I’m At Peace

I’ve come to a peaceful time in my life where I finally believe that I am not here to live for pleasing people in this world, but to please The Lord. It is such a freedom! Everything is crystal clear- sometimes not such an easy way to live. Your choices (good vs bad) get easier […]

Close Call 011814

Celebrating life everyday, just a little extra now. Negative Results = Positive News! Praise God when he blesses AND when he doesn’t. Stay positive either way..

James 4:7 012814

Each day we all have choices to make. Follow the right path. You’ll thank yourself later..

Psalm 41:1-2 013014

When we give to God and to others, it shows that we trust God to provide for us. When we praise God as our provider and recognize where our provision comes from, we move easily, open our hearts to share what we have been given to others.

111413 Catching Up

I’m working again! Yay! Regardless of the endless list of “to-dos”, I am going to make time for myself. Time to share my thoughts through writing. An amazing transformation has taken place in my life. It is timeĀ for me to start sharing bits and pieces of my life story. It’s turning into an incredible adventure […]

In the Oven-Chicken w White & Sweet Potatoes

Had leftover potatoes for days. Chopped them up and cooked them with scrambled eggs for breakfast. Waste not. Dishplays

You Are Who You…

..surround yourself with? Yes. I think so. It is absolutely a better choice to hang with people who have a positive character and have positive traits. You are going to attract this energy, which is good for you as the same goes for people with negative energy. You’ll attract it. Try to steer away from […]