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Homestead 200 – FARA

This weekend we went down to watch the cars racing! Check out some memorable shots below! Collection of cars including Honda, VW & Porsche Red Hot Acura These shorties… Transformers. Civic. With 16 yr old racer Ernie Francis Jr. Lamborghini They found BumbleBee! Thanks to my babe for a great time. I heart cars 🙂 […]

Weekend Woes

Our weekends aren’t long enough! Who’s with me to make Monday a permanent day off?!?

#0425 Eating Toast and Toastmasters

Last night I attended a Toastmasters meeting in West Kendall. Club members took care of me as their most welcomed guest. I was impressed with the quality of speeches by some and age + determination from others. I look forward to becoming a life long member and will also bring my family along one by […]


I decided long ago that I like helping people and will continue to do so until my last days. Helping (to me) means even a small thing such as listening and letting people “let it out”. It doesn’t always mean that I’ll have the answer, but I will think about you. I will pray that […]

Orange and Green Halloween

Halloween Snack for the Pre K students in Juju’s class.. Chicken Breast on crackers with celery and olives. My kiddies for Halloween: Trick or Treating in Miami:

Breakfast at IHOP

For the kiddies. In Miami. A first for us. 🙂