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Cleaning house

Lately we’ve been working hard at transforming our try=our eating. My girls will help me go through the list of before/after foods we’ve changed. Cow’s Milk became Soy Milk became ALMOND MILK. We wonder how we drank it all of our lives. I’m so glad I don’t have to make the decision of breast feeding […]

How I lost it – The Shopping List

I lost 20 pounds in two months. I used HCG Drops for a total of 3 weeks (which I think is less than you are supposed to) since I realized I could lose weight just by changing what I normally ate, to what they “allowed”.   Here is what I ate strictly for 2 months…  Shopping List: BREAD […]

Change Starts Today

First of all I want to thank all of my followers. You put a smile on my face daily. 🙂 I want to let you ALL know that while I was taking a walk today, I had (as Oprah would say) an A-HA moment and have decided to join, combine and link a few of my […]