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The Ultima Familia

T.U.F. is an acronym for (T)he (U)ltima (F)amilia.

My favorite team as I always say. The team T.U.F. Talk, are 2 brothers: my husband RESPETTO TIRAFUEGO & VERB-VIDA (my bro-in-law), JOEY SMACK (my sister’s fiancee) & MARAVILLOSO- close friend of the family (considered a cousin). They’ll entertain you by rapping, singing and dancing, with a mix of latino, urban, positive/gospel, move-to-this! music. Anything but boring if you ask me.

My husband, our cousin J. Montan and I work on everything behind the scenes to make the movement MOVE. It’s tons of fun and lots of work. We work out of different states and the challenges we face make us prouder in the end when each task at hand is completed. I’m trying to read up on everything PR (Public Relations) and am enjoying it more each day. I don’t sing but I’ll pose. 🙂

I will be posting updates as we reach different goals or if we attend an event.

Stay tuned and GROW WITH ME!



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